Description of materials

• Slab foundation
• In the underground part the load-bearing structures are of monolithic concrete and prefabricated reinforced concrete (RC) elements
• The elements of outer walls are three-layered sandwich-type prefabricated RC elements, the outer layer is painted
• Load-bearing walls are made of prefabricated RC elements
• Floors are made of hollow panels and concrete slabs
• Floors are made of concrete, including sound insulation panels in apartments
• Windows and window-doors are of wood and aluminium, of 3-layer panels, open into the building. Only the window-doors of the balcony open to the side. All the other windows are only tiltable for airing the room. Every room in the living quarters has 1 openable window or window-door
• Balcony floor is of RC panel, railing of concrete and glass
• Flat roof, roof covering of gluable rolled material
• Outer door of apartment: veneered smooth wooden door complete with a lock and handle, keys serialised
• Non-load-bearing internal partition walls – plasterboard on metal framework.
• Both of the TOWERS have 2 high-speed elevators


Heating system

The building has its own gas-heated boiler house. The rooms in the living quarters of the apartments have water-based floor heating systems and electric floor heating in bathrooms.

Water supply and sewerage

Every apartment has a separate hot and cold water meters. Readings are taken by remote reading.

Ventilation and cooling


Every apartment has an individual ventilation device with heat recovery, which is located in the bathroom, toilet or hall, depending on the apartment type. The appropriate temperature of the living quarters is ensured by window panels with sun protection factor and in some apartments by an additional cooling system.


The apartments have a 2-rate calculation system. The electricity cabinet is in the apartment.

All the sockets and switches – sunk series, colour white.

Ceiling lamps for the sanitary rooms are delivered and installed by the Builder.



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